Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Stench Of Animal Rites

This is a live recording of ExtremeNoiseTerror from 1989. I already know what your thinking, "This can't be good, its live grindcore/stenchcore/whatever you wanna call it" but the weird thing is, it is really well produced and has some of their best stuff. I love the album art because its just filled with tons of animal rights facts, and a big rant about how much they encourage others too live cruelty free. Now being a vegan myself i do find sympathy for what they are preaching. Then whilst watching their tour video, i noticed they were covered in head to toe in leather(Boots, Jackets, FannyPacks...etc). Mabye its old leather and they didn't want to waste it. I don't know all i can say is Up The Hypocrisy!!!

Ps 'Holocaust in Your Head' is an awesome album, and if you like this you will love the full length.


Anonymous said...

hey baby! i think you're getting better and better at this music review thing. try to publish for real yo!

Anonymous said... the fact that now they don't play "MURDER" live because none of the band are vegetarian anymore...

SvartStøy said...

ya, they sold out in a big way and are now trying to regain some sort of credibility. They are supposed to be coming out with a new album, i wonder how that will sound.