Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Hate Gods Of War Descend To Earth

I don't know to much abut this band. all i really know is that this band is from Spain, obsessed with Tolkien and they HATE-YOU! This is Nazgul, and the reissue of their 2000 release 'WhenTheWolvesReturnToTheForest' the re-issue come includes 'MyThroneInWinter' ep. Everything i could find on these guys says they are BlackMetal of the NationalSocialist varity. Lyrically they just come across as nationalists, they don't really put anybody down, but speak highly of their Fatherland. Any-who the albums are great, but i prefer 'MyThroneInWinter' it's a little more raw/Lo-Fi and doesn't have the cheesy female vocals. Overall this is nothing really mind blowing or amazing, its just NSBM with a little better production. So if you wanna feel some Spanish hate just click

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