Sunday, November 16, 2008

Perfect MastersThrieve On Disasters

This is BrianEno, he was once a part of the wonderful GlamRock band RoxyMusic. This album albeit not that much different from RoxyMusic is a gem on its own. its part Pop, part experimental, and heavily drug influenced. Its dancey up beat and somewhat off putting. This is 'HearComeTheWarmJets' from 1973. On my downtime at school i find myself laying on benches starring into space while this record forces me to wonder why 'BlankFrank' is the is the messenger of my doom and my destruction? In my opinion this album is a masterpiece, it has a strange beauty that most music is just lacking. Its infectious, groovy, poppy, and emotes a certain level of self reflection. At times the album just seems way ahead of its time, like at the end of' DeadFinksDon'tTalk' were it goes into some sort of techno break down, what the fuck is that? Awesome, that's what. While other times it seems like lost tracks from the 'RockyHorrorPictureShow' which i hope you don't take as a deterrent, cuz that soundtrack is awesome in it's own right.

Babies on fire? Better put it in the water,

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