Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dreadlocks And The Plight Of The Native Americans

This is AcidRainDance and this is their S/T 7" from 1991 released on the awesome Skuld, as you can imagine this is a crust band with heavy metal leanings. I was floored when the first time i listened to this and i had it on 33rpms i thought to myself this is fucking awesome doom!!!! then i realized i was wrong, and its just really awesome Stenchy Crust from Germany i don't know to much about this band other then what i have already told you and that they also put out an Lp which i am kicking myself for not buying when i had the chance. This abum isn't just your typical dimestore crust band they are really talented and are kinda of poppy in a weird sense, and they love the Metal. It kinda reminds me of a faster axegrinder sans the keyboard intros. So Dance! Dance Away! But I would advise to stay out of the rain(cuz that counts as a shower).



Anonymous said...

i think you could use that shower!! you stink buddy

Nick said...

sorry i got to the 12'' before you did! the good news is that it rules!!!