Saturday, November 22, 2008


This This is SoWhat and they hailed from Tokyo-Japan. SoWhat play just what you would imagine...Japanese HardCore, in the more noizey(note the Z)distorted way. So that means plenty of feedback, indecipherable lyrics, and Disorder worship. All i really know about this is that this was originally a flexi put out in 1985 on Dirty Informal Section Records(D.I.S. #002), and that they put out one other 7" and were featured on a hand full of comps. Since i have only been putting things up from my own pearsonal collection of vinyl i must tell you this isn't taken from the original but rather a boot leg that came out sometime in the past year or so. The boot was released as a 7" and didn't feature track listings on the vinyl or any notification of side a or b, so that is why this is trackless. I just had to guess which. But ya this is an awesome release and if any one has the other 7" please let me know i would love to hear it.



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you could find the Bloodwash the dead city 7' here
( you maybe know this but they have one more ep called "Murder" and one split 7'w/Rustler too )

SvartStøy said...

cool, thank you i will check this out, thanks again