Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Stench Of Death

Now I'm not going to go on a big rant about crust do to there big opposition to soap mixed with water simply because...well i suffer the same opposition. Some folks will make excuses about squatting and not being able to luxuries of running water or even claiming that many brands of soap contain animal bi-products which is unfair to our animal brethren. I simply am lazy and lack the simple necessity of caring. Any who This is Hellbastard and their 1986 demo entitled 'RipperCrust'. This demo gave a name to a whole breed of filthy like minded punks who had a taste for metal aesthetics while still maintaining the punk ethos, a hybrid of long hair and tight smell black clothes. Anyways the members of Hellbastard wanted to be a melding of Slayer with crass lyrics, i would say they shot for the stars and ended somewhere better. It neither sounds like slayer nor does it have the simplicity of Crass's lyrics. HellBastard comes across sounding similar to Amebix in both content and musical style, but with a more metal tinge. Members later went on to join forces with EnergeticKrusher and form HellKrusher, both good bands. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is BuriedAtSea, and their only full length entitled 'Migration'. BurriedAtSea hail from Chicago and features a member of Minsk and Nachthmystium. The music is very drony and epically long. At points the music can be atmospheric, crushing and painful. The first track reminds me of Thor'sHammer at least around 10 minute point.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Black Forward

SvartFramtid hails from Norway and there name means Black Forward. They came out with a 7" a live tape and did a couple of comps, other then that all i really know is that this 7" is really rad and deserves your attention so stop starring at the awesome artwork and click to download already!

Starve To Death

Ok this is Vorkriegsphase from Germany with there 7" entitled 'ScheissKriegEP'. The name roughly translated mean Pre-War Phase. Obviously they are war obsessed and by the sounds of it very angry. Here you are treated to an audible assault by three blistering tracks of Raw british influenced (ala- DisorderChaosUK, and Discharge) hardcore. So duck for cover and enjoy the Shit War.

Denmark Or Bust!

Ok so hears the deal, this is the some awesome Danish punk brought to you by the ElectricDeads. There are 2 7"s i have posted and both 7" kick a lot of ass. It is up to you to tell me which one you like better. Now they do have one more 7" and a few comp tracks, but this is all i have. So enjoy some Female fronted Danish Punk.

So anyways up first is ElectricDeads self titled 7" from 1982 which contains:
3-Fish In A Pool
4-Compact Chaos

Following is the "Anti-Sex" 7" from the same year which contains:
1-Locked Doors
2-30 Years
3- Kitchen Poet

So there is your Homework, now get shit done!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blood, Guts, And Beer!

'Filthy Hounds From Hades
' has been labeled as one of the best NWOBHM albums ever, and i tend to agree. Its reminds me of 'Killers' era IronMadian, mixed with classic line up MotorHead. So what you get it is this punky rawness mixed with over the top rock sensibility that will blow you away...much like an actual tank. So enjoy. Did i mention that the singer/bassplayer was also in TheDamned and TheSaints?
Turn Your head Around

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can't Wait Til' The Day They Sell Out

This is Abandon they hail from southern California. They play a very aggressive form of modern hardcore with obvious influences from mid-nineties hardcore and bands like TheRefused, Catharsis, and are on par with contemperaries like Gather, and 7Generations. So please don't think these young lads are just another breed of half literate overly preachy retards that worship at the alter of EarthCrisis. Now they may be Straightedge, and they may be Vegan, but they certainly arn't dicks. So anyways this is there 2008 demo, and keep a eye out for there upcoming ep on DeathOfAModernist records, and if you like them contact them they might a shirt in your size. So smoke a bowl, shotgun a Beer and listen to some truely awesome tuneage.

Were Are My Basketball Shorts?

Mourning Of A New Day

You remember Cathedral right? Before Lee Dorian started singing all over the top and acting really obnoxious. You know before they were super cheesy. Well despite the fact i was only 4 when this album came out i still remember. Although i do like the cheesy Cathedral i must say that this era is much better. Its Doom at its finest, just straight foreword, no songs about 70's movies, just songs about sadness accompanied with really slow heavy music. so if you like your Doom in a perpetual state of mourning this one is for you.