Friday, May 29, 2009

State Laughter

This is DeathInJune and their first album entitled "TheGuiltyHaveNoPride" from 1983. this is my new favorite album. It is somber, beautiful, and cold. It reminds me a lot of JoyDivision, TheMob, and the gothy stuff the UKSubs'Flood Of Lies', but less up-beat. This was recorded far before the Neo-Folk awesomeness they are known for and has a more post punk/new wave aesthetic. I don't give a shit if you think these band is fascist/racist/whatever 'ist' your fighting this week. Anyways, i also think this is were LebendenToten got the title for there debut LP 'StateLaughter'. So get it here, you know you wanna...
By the way this is way better then Crisis, the band Douglas Pearce was in before this.

Now I'm A Useless Eatrer

So i was fumbling around on my hard-drive today deleting useless crap donated by others, and came across a name that i thought was interesting. The band, TheVomitPigs, the album, "TakeOneEP". now the initial listen brings to mind late 70's British pop like TheBoys, TheUndertones, etc.. you know the drill very bubblegum upbeat but and catchy, Beatles Esq but not TheBeatles. when i half-assed looking up info on this band i found that they were from Texas, and this Ep came out in 1978. So ya its not the best thing put on vinyl, but it beats the shit outta anything your listening to right now.

Monday, May 11, 2009


DoomedSpecies is like a disgruntled animal rights activist high on PCP beating the shit out of a vivisector with a lead pipe then stopping to catch a breath before continuing to beat shit-head to death. This grinding abomination is a two man band hailing from southern California consisting of a guitar player(Trevor) and a Drummer(BenAgroMosh). Both components of DoomedSpecies have been other bands Trevor was the Guitar player of Sabu and Ben was in MittenSpider, GorgonizedDorks, and runs AgroMoshRecords. Doomed Species is completely self recorded and do not use any vocal effects.Their sound is intense, mixing grindcore with crust while maintaining a No-Fi sensibility reminsent of BlackMetal. I also love how at times they will even through in some nice little sludge breakdowns. While i am sure many people will not find this listenable i happen to think the lack of production or clean sound makes this demo interesting. It sounds raw, primitive and minimal giving it a layer of muddiness that adds to the overall sound. As for the lyrical content it ranges from Misanthropic world views, animal rights and acts of extreme violence. Needless to say DoomedSpecies Fucking Hates You. This is for fans of early NapalmDeath, Disrupt, Agathocles, Crust, and Lo-Fi BlackMetal.

Their website

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hitler SS And Tampax

So i was trying to think of something clever, witty,or stupid to title this post but in the end i figured the bands names should speak volumes. So This is a split between to Italian bands, HitlerSS and Tampax. Both are great names especially HitlerSS. Anyways This is the only release from HitlerSS and the first in a small handful by Tampax. HitlerSS play a fun upbeat snotty brand of punk. Now they might not be the best musicians and their side of the 7" can even be down right annoying, but fuck! Their HitlerSS they don't need talent they just need one great song, Speed and a totally kick ass name. so the big song on this 7" is 'Slave Naked' which was featured on KilledByDeath#6 and was also covered by that awful band MarkMckoy was in after CharlesBronson Called VirginMegaWhore. Anyway i think i like the Tampax side a little bit better They have a little more of a harder sound closer to hardcore. Both bands are awesome, but i just can't get enough of HitlerSS The name alone is so great.