Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You In Corruption

Alright I am Kicking myself right now for not posting this sooner. I was browsing through my Record collection when i cam upon this piece of vinyl gold and realized that i don't remember ever listening to this 7" before. So when i bought it i must have got a few other things and this baby just sat unattended til now. Let me tell you, this rules! The band is Warhead and they hail from Kyoto Japan, this 7" was released in 1991. This release is amazing to say the least, its typical Japanese hardcore but with ten times the energy. 'CryOfTruth' is unrelenting and furiously frantic. Everything is in Japanese except the titles which are written in beautiful broken English(just look at the title of this particular entry) and covered in images which would make any Discharge fan cream his/her/it's pants. So do yourself a favor and get this... Now!

PS i will have the Lp comp i have up shortly for all to enjoy.

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Nick said...

no doubt about it...
just for fun, heres a link to the german reissue cover.
as far as the traditional japanese hardcore goes, i've never been able to find a band to top NIGHTMARE, but these guys come dangerously close!!!!!

thanks for this....