Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amps For Christ

"Along the pavement it crawls
Like ants but slower, one
per car.
Like the borg, mankind the machine
Mankind forgot nature.
Now the winds blow harder as
the ice cap melt, they will not stop.
They thrive on the idea of a growing
economy, without which the whole
thing falls.
So it has to grow, eating everything
it needs, unto self distruction.
Not to simply be sustained but to
consume and poison more and more.

There are those that don't bow to it
and some who don't bow as low.
Re-use Re-use Re-use
Make it an do it yourself!"

This is AmpsForChrist. AFC is a side project of Barnes from ManIsTheBastard. Barnes made all the stringed instruments. That is all i am going to say.

1. March To Winter
2.Pure Hammond
3.The Sweet Sunny West
4. 1-2 Stomp
5. The Southern Mountains of California
6. Raga For Midnight


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mulch said...

great stuff. material in the "no skull left unturned" release by bastard noise is worth checking out. thanks.

SvartStøy said...

thanks mulch, i will do that

Anonymous said...

excellent, thanks!