Saturday, December 6, 2008

Killed By Hardcore

This comp is the one of the best introductions to under ground international hardcore. It has everything form American classics like State, TheFix, and UrbanWaste to Scandinavian and Japanese Hardcore as well. This is another in a long line of Killed by Death releases which for the most part are pretty good. So enjoy.
Personal favorites include UrbanWaste, NogWatt, Gasmask, and Ultraviolent.

UrbanWaste-Public Opinion
NogWatt-Going On
NoPigs-Broken Promises
NOTA-Taking Away Your Rights
Colera-Deo Fora
CapitalScum-Clutch The Flag
TheLeft-Fuck It
UltraViolent-Dead Generation
TheFix-In This Town
America'sHardcore-Born Prejudice
Fallout-Punks United
YouthPartol-America's Power
Lama-Ajatuksen Loppu
KansanUutiset-Home, Religion, Native Country
Inderekt-Shell Helpt
Nihilistics-Black Sheep
TheExecute-Going Back
State-No Illusions


Aesop said...

So so great. The Fix kinda steals the show.

SvartStøy said...

i Don't know, my favorite is still Urban Waste

Nick said...

Nog Watt is the best fucking all girl band of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite on this comp...

No Pigs and Nog Watt shared a drummer.

SvartStøy said...

Gasmask also rules as well... this is just a great comp in general.

Nick said...

award for most underrated/out of place goes to The Left. "Fuck It" is so awesome, and not exactly hardcore at all.